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Research team: Transport Phenomena


Transport Phenomena




The Transport Phenomena research team (FeT) belongs to the Dept. of Chemical Engineering (DEQ), School of Chemical Engineering, and to the Computer Engineering and Mathematics Dept. (DEIM), School of Engineering at the Univ. Rovira i Virgili (URV), Tarragona, Catalunya, Spain. FeT was created in 1978, it was accredited as a consolidated research group by the Catalan Government in 1994, and is ranked among the top three research groups at URV. Topics of research include experimental and computational fluid mechanics, heat and mass transport, environmental engineering, computational sciences and applied mathematics. Approximately 75% of the research carried out at FeT in the past has been directly aimed at the experimental and theoretical study of fluid flow related phenomena both in continuous and porous media. One of the characteristics of FeT has been its relationships or partnerships with professors of many prestigious higher education institutions in Europe, the US and Canada. LÝnies de Recerca: - Computaciˇ i experimentaciˇ de fen˛mens de transport en medi fluid. - Modelitzaciˇ i computaciˇ de processos ambientals. - Computaciˇ i expŔrimentaciˇ de fen˛mens de transport en medi porˇs. - MatemÓtica aplicada - control i Intel.ligŔncia artificial. - computaciˇ i experimentaciˇ de fen˛mens de transport en medi fliud


computational fluid mechanics, heat transport, mass transport, environmental enginneering

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