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The Multilayer Analysis And Visualization Platform.

MuxViz is a framework for the multilayer analysis and visualization of networks. It allows an interactive visualization and exploration of multilayer networks, i.e., graphs where nodes exhibit multiple relationships simultaneously. It is suitable for the analysis of social networks exhibiting relationships of different type (e.g., family, work, etc) or interactions on different platforms (Twitter, Facebook, etc), biological networks characterized by different type of interactions (e.g., electric, chemical, etc, or allelic, non-allelic, etc), transportation networks consisting of different means of transport (e.g., trains, bus, etc), to cite just some of the possible applications.

  • Created by: Manlio De Domenico
  • Completed on: Setp 2015
  • Skills: R / openGL


MultiDendrograms is a program to make the Hierarchical Clustering of real data.
It implements variable-group algorithms to solve the non-uniqueness problem found in the standard pair-group algorithms and implementations.The standard approach consists in choosing a pair, breaking the ties between distances, and proceeds in the same way until the final hierarchical classification is obtained. However, different clusterings are possible depending on the criterion used to break the ties (usually a pair is just chosen at random!).

  • Created by: Sergio Gómez
  • Completed on: 2008


Radatools is a set of freely distributed programs to analyze Complex Networks. In particular, it includes very useful programs for Communities Detection and Mesoscales Determination.

  • Created by: Sergio Gómez
  • Completed on: 2004