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Professor/a David Riaño, Carme Olivé ( LSI, MAT )
Títol Intelligent analysis of medical data to avoid re-admissions
Tema Intelligent Data Analysis
Descripció The Clinical Hospital in Barcelona has a home care assistance program that in the last years has captured the information about all the patients assisted in the program. A collaborative agreement between the coordinators of this program and the URV group on Artificial intelligence proposes this project that deals with the extraction of knowledge to predict re-admission of patients by means of statistics (correlation, regression), data mining (feature selection) and structural representation (Bayesian Network learning).
Materies .
Coneixements Assignatures: Estadística 1 i 2, Intel·ligència Artificial
Estadística, Mineria de Dades, Xarxes Bayesianes, Anglès (nivell escrit)
Ensenyament ETIS
Dificultat Alta
Documentació 1. PFC_Alfonso_Castro.pdf (.pdf). memòria del projecte
Projecte finalitzat i defensat !!