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Professor/a Pedro García López ( CCIA )
Títol PyActive: Active Object Middleware
Tema Middleware & Software Engineering
Descripció Designing and validating distributed systems is still a complex issue. The event-
based nature of distributed communications makes these systems complex to implement,
debug and test. Even worse, programming with messages and message handlers breaks
with the elegant object oriented paradigm of methods calls as messages sent to objects.
In this article, we introduce the continuation complexity problem, which arises when
synchronous invocations must be converted to asynchronous event code. This problem
appears in most Object Actor libraries where communication is mainly asynchronous and
managed by Futures.
We present a novel Object Actor library that enables writing synchronous code
without stalling the execution thread of the caller Actor. To this end we have created a
variant of the Active Object Pattern including two new complementary invocation
abstractions: synchronous and parallel. Our variant replaces Futures with connection-
oriented Ports that facilitate remote communication and the use of different threading
Finally, we evaluate our solution, comparing our prototype implementation of a
complete distributed algorithm (Chord) with three different simulators (PeerSim,
PlanetSim, MACEDON). This validation demonstrates that our approach is superior in
simplicity (less LoC) and complexity (less McAbe and continuation complexities),
envisaging its great potential for distributed systems scenarios.

Materies Enginyeria del software - Middleware.
Coneixements Assignatures: SD, TAP. ES
Sistemes Distribu´ts, Enginyeria del Software
Tecnologia Java
Ensenyament GEI
Dificultat Molt alta
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