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Professor/a Pedro García López ( CCIA )
Títol Designing secure and mobile Personal Clouds
Tema Middleware & Software Engineering
Descripció In the last few years, we have experienced a rush of online storage services with a com-
plete set of tools for file syncing, sharing and collaboration. Unfortunately, commercial
Personal Cloud solutions ?e.g. Dropbox, Box, SkyDrive and the likes? are closed and
Recently, we developed an open-source synchronization tool called StackSync.
StackSync is composed of four main components: a desktop client, a messaging middle-
ware, a synchronization service, and a storage service. However, it lacks some essential
components that are mandatory before releasing a version to the general public.
Among the current limitations, users are forced to install the desktop application to
access their files because StackSync has no API to allow communication with third-party
or mobile applications. Moreover, security has not been addressed before and remains
an open issue that must be handled immediately. In addition, as smartphones presence
is so high among the population, creating a mobile version would make the product more
appealing and add value to StackSync.
In this work we will contribute to StackSync in three different aspects. First, we will
create a REST API to allow third-party and mobile application to communicate with
StackSync and access users? information. Developers will be able to integrate StackSync
with any kind of service or application. Second, we will address the security issues by
creating an authentication service that will integrate with all components of StackSync.
We will consider different standard protocols and choose the most appropriate one for
designing and implementing the authentication service. Third, we will create an Android
application that will make use of the two previous contributions to securely communicate
with StackSync. Users will be able to access their files wherever they are through the
mobile application.

Materies Enginyeria del software - Cloud computing - Middleware.
Coneixements Assignatures: SD, TAP. ES
Sistemes Distribu´ts
Tecnologia Java
Ensenyament GEI
Dificultat Molt alta
Documentació 1. stacksync (.pdf).  
Projecte finalitzat i defensat !!