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Professor/a Domenec Puig Valls ( ATC )
Títol "Tumor Mass Detection Through Gabor Filters and Supervised Pixel-Based Classification in Breast Cancer?
Tema Visió per Computador
Descripció Breast cancer is one of the most common neoplasms in women and it is a leading cause of worldwide death. However, it is also among the most curable cancer types if it can be diagnosed early through a proper mammographic screening procedure. Therefore, suitable computer aided detection systems can help the radiologists to detect many subtle signs, normally missed during the first visual examination. So, this project proposes a new efficient pixel-based methodology for tumor vs non-tumor classification.
Materies Programació - Intel.ligència Artificial - Visió Artificial.
Coneixements Assignatures: Visió per Computador
Ensenyament GEI
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