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Professor/a Agusti Solanas ( ATC , CCIA )
Títol Database Storage System for Requirements Management
Tema Database management
Descripció This research outlines a database migration plan as an alternative approach to a pre-calculated binary file saving system and reviews migration and merging tasks, centralized database implementations and structure, large data sets handling and scalability. Hence, data management and interpretation is a former part of the project, which involves the development of tools for data display and results extraction. Data must be managed and processed within adequate timing operations to obtain reports from the input data and trace relations within the objects following V-Model software development. These results must be visualized in an intuitive and user-friendly interface which allows third party access.
Materies Informàtica aplicada - Bases de dades - Sistemes d'informació.
Coneixements Assignatures: Programació, IBD
programació orientada a objectes, bases de dades, programació web
Tecnologia C#, SQL, ASP.NET, Razor mv3, Javascript
Ensenyament GET
Dificultat Molt alta
Projecte finalitzat i defensat !!