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Professor/a David Riaño ( LSI )
Títol EOC Data Format and Management
Tema Programació en Internet
Descripció Medical hospitals and centres save data from patients (history). The study of data provides information of
possible treatments and repercussions. Nowadays each hospital has its own data model to save information. Due to this fact, working with data from multiple centers is a difficult task. In order to provide a solution to this problem the project has as main objective to create diverse tools of data conversion and edition to make this task easier. Specifically, the project has to be focused in a specific implementation for the data of the SAGESSA Group.
These tools and the specific converter have to be joined by creating an application of data conversion, edition and management that is integrated in a web page to be accessible from everywhere. It has also to be designed to have an easy and practical use to approach the application to people with low computer knowledge, being also
unnecessary knowledge about the final format.
This final format, created specially in the project, has to be done following the UMLS (Unified Medical
Language System) standard.
Materies Bases de dades - Programació - Sistemes d'informació - Programació web.
Coneixements Assignatures: IBD, DAII, SOB
Bases de Dades, Programació en Java, Gestió del coneixement (opcional)
Tecnologia Web
Ensenyament ETIS
Dificultat Alta
Projecte finalitzat i defensat !!