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Professor/a Francesc Serratosa ( ATC )
Títol Implementation of a Graph Editor
Tema Software
Descripció The aim of this PFC is to define and implement a Graph Editor. A Graph Editor is an application useful to create new graphs or modify existing ones. Graphs represent 2D figures defined by linear strokes with the following information. Vertices are the end of the strokes and their attributes are the (x,y) position. Arcs represent the existence of strokes and don?t have attributes. Graphs are stored in a special format implemented in xml.
The student will have to analyse the functionalities of the application and implement them. The application would have to be implemented in Java and some specific functions in C.

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Coneixements Assignatures:
Tecnologia Java
Ensenyament ETIG
Dificultat Mitjana
Projecte finalitzat i defensat !!