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Invited Talk DCSM2020: Competency model: from research to innovation


Prof. Virginia Larraz and Prof. Clia Bar
Grup de recerca interdisciplinari en educaci
Universitat dAndorra

Competency model: from research to innovation

From the University of Andorra, we will show how we designed our education model.
We started rethinking the current study programmes inspired by the European directives in higher education, but also by the Council of Europe in the fields of language teaching and democratic culture. Then, we moved on to the design phase and redefined competences, defined new learning outcomes, and built a new methodology fully based on competences. Its important to note that the research groups on education and languages have been leading the design of this new and fully competency-based methodology. Finally, we implemented the new model with a process of continuous improvement.

Hora: 11:40

Data: 22/04/2020

Lloc: Sala de Graus ETSE