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Research team: Applied Geometry - Geometria Aplicada


Applied Geometry - Geometria Aplicada


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  1. - Geometrical analysis of architectural elements: It is the analysis of the elements (stairs, walls, floors, ceilings, sections, structure, decoration, etc..) of buildings with renowned architectural heritage, author or influence, using the Geometry techniques in the broad sense, ie geometry techniques: descriptive, analytical, fractal, Euclidean, differential, etc.
  2. - Applied Geometry: This research involves the application of the geometry and mathematics to any type of problem (telecommunications, software, differential geometry, fluid mechanics, structural geometry, biomechanics, etc).
  3. - Geometric structure of vortex: It is the study of the geometrical structure of the eddies. It is the study the relationship between the Fluid Mechanics and the differential geometry of the surfaces that define the structure, mechanics and fluid movement.


Geometrical Analysis of Architectural Elements, Geometry and Applied Mathematics; Classical, Descriptive, Differential and Fractal Geometry; Geometry of the fluids and Geometric Structure of vortexes



  1. - Anlisi geomtric d'elements arquitectnics: Tal recerca consisteix en l'anlisi dels elements (escales, faanes, plantes, sostres, seccions, estructura, decoraci, etc.) de construccions arquitectniques de renom per patrimoni, autor o influncia; usant les tcniques de la Geometria en el seu sentit ampli. s a dir, tcniques de la Geometria: descriptiva, analtica, fractal, euclidiana, diferencial, etc.
  2. - Aplicaci de la Matemtica: Aquesta recerca s general i consisteix en l'aplicaci de la Geometria i de la Matemtica Aplicada en general a qualsevol tipus de problema (telecomunicacions, software, geometria diferencial, mecnica de fluids, geometria d'estructures, etc.).
  3. - Estructura geomtrica dels Vrtex: Aquesta recerca consisteix en l'estudi de l'estructura geomtrica dels vrtex. En essncia es tracta d'estudiar la relaci de la Mecnica Fluids amb la Geometria Diferencial de superfcies que defineixen l'estructura, mecnica i moviment dels fluids.


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