Music and I

I love listening and playing music, specially songs based on guitar riffs (rock, pop, blues, heavy, ...) I play the electric guitar and I am passionate about them. I can also play some notes on a bass guitar, and some basic chords on a piano.

I have many favourite musicians and bands. My preferred guitar hero is Brian May from Queen, who is the number one in a large list (including David Gilmour, Mark Knopfler, Jimmy Page, ...) I also admire some Catalan artists, such as Quimi Portet, Josep Thió, Cris Juanico and Adrià Puntí.

I have attended dozens of live rock concerts. I've seen Deep Purple several times: never with Ritchie Blackmore -but once with Joe Satriani-, and I've seen Glenn Hughes playing many of Purple's hits. I've witnessed Queen reincarnations with Paul Rodgers and Adam Lambert, and I've seen Brian May solo as well. I've attended concerts by Mark Knopfler, The Cure, Guns'n'Roses (1993, my first big one!), Jimmy Page & Robert Plant, Peter Gabriel, Bon Jovi, Van Halen, The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney and Adele. I have enjoyed an Ozzy Osbourne and Zakk Wylde performance, 22 years after the release of Ozzmosis! It was in Rockfest 2018, and I also enjoyed Uriah Heep, Scorpions and Helloween concerts to name a few. In this concerts I discovered Judas Priest.

Naturally, I've attended a large number of concerts by Catalan and Spanish artists. I like Sopa de Cabra, Sangtraït, Cris Juanico, Lax'nBusto and many more...

In this page you'll find some notes my relationship with rock music.

Behind me, the building used for the cover of Led Zeppelin's Physical Graffiti (New York, 2003).
With my friend Jordi Miracle and Mr. Quimi Portet (2004).
With my friend Jordi Miracle enjoying Ozzy Osbourne at RockFest 2018.
Tickets, tickets and tickets.

Petites grans coses

Petites grans coses is my current music project.


This project was running from 2014 to 2018. It was conceived as a cover band, but since 2016 we had included our own songs in our set list. You have more info here.

A selfie in a rehearsal.
The first gig at Pilée in Reus, June 26th 2015.
Playing at Castell del Paborde, la Selva del Camp (2016).

La Tarambanda

At the end of XXth century, I was in a band called la Tarambanda. We played rock and pop with lyrics in Catalan. We played across Catalonia, including important events such as Fira del Disc de Reus, Senglar Rock, Mercat de Música Viva de Vic, in Girona with 40 Principales, etc. We were finalists of the first Sona 9 music contest and Tarragona's DO. We recorded two demo discs: one with Cisco as lead singer, in Estudi Entrepins (Tarragona) by Jaume Moncusí and another one with Anna Cusell as lead singer in Estudis Tívoli (El Vendrell) by Jesús Rovira. You'll find more info here.

La Tarambanda, with Cisco Rius and Andreu Martínez.
La Tarambanda, with Anna Cusell.
Live in Valls (2000).
Reunion in La Secuita (2008).
Cover of the demo disc recorded in Estudis Tívoli.


The first concert I did was in Valls, at Pub Zapping, May 31st 1996. It was with my first band: Àpeiron. We played around the Tarragona area for two years. Our songs were hard rock style, and we covered some songs, for instance Louie Louie and Smoke on the Water. We recorded a demo disc in Estudis Entrepins (Tarragona) by Jaume Moncusí.

The first Àpeiron concert.
Àpeiron live.

Guitars, amps and effects

My first electric guitar was a very cheap Strato copy (Session Pro), and it was complemented with a cheap solid state amp and a Boss OS-2 overdrive/distortion pedal. I have recently acquired one of these pedals.

In 1994 I bought a cheap Ibanez guitar and a Marshall 3310 mini stack (solid state with MOSFET technology). In 2014 I restored the amp with the help of my father.

In 1996 I bought an Epiphone Les Paul Double Cut, and I replaced the original P90 pickups with a Dimarzio Humbucker and a P100.

In 1998 I bought a nice Crafter acoustic guitar.

Around 2000 I had my first all-tube guitar amp: the infamous Marshall DSL 401, that suffered from design problems (I had to resolder the tube's plugs from time to time). I couldn't afford a Telecaster, hence I bought a cheap Yamaha Pacifica. Some years later, I interchanged the guitar and my OS-2 with the bass guitar of Eduard Solé.

In September 2001 I bought my wonderful Fender American Standard Telecaster. It had some cosmetic and electronic improvements in 2014.

In 2016, for my 40th birthday, I received a special present from my wife and sons: a surf blue tele guitar built by Xavi Martínez ( which includes a drawing by my sons on the headstock. Currently, this guitar onlo counts with a bridge pickup.

In 2016, I bought both a Roland Cube 80 (that I use live) and an Orange Micro Terror.

I love using the clean channel of the amp and using some effect pedals. I currently have several ones, some of them being on my hand made pedalboard.

Lately I've started playing some acoustic stuff. Hence I bought a Sigma acoustic guitar and a Cort crossover guitar.

My first guitar.
My Ibanez and the Marshall 3310.
With the Les Paul Double cutaway, and Eduard with my current bass guitar.
With the Yamaha Pacifica, in la Fira del Disc de Reus.
My first acoustic guitar (Crafter).
My surf blue Esquire (left) and my American Standard Telecaster (right).
The refurbished Marshall 3310.
My acoustic (left) and my nylon string crossover (right).
My home-made pedalboard.

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