First call for papers - AAMAS 2008 workshop

5th Workshop on Agents Applied in Health Care

Technical description

Multi-agent systems are one of the most exciting research areas in Artificial Intelligence. In the last eight years there has been a growing interest in the application of agent-based systems in health care. The first specialised workshop on this area was held at Autonomous Agents '2000 in Barcelona, Spain; several other workshops and special issues of journals have followed since then. Moreover, a growing European community of researchers interested in the application of intelligent agents in health care emerged as a result of the activities within the AgentCities European project and the AgentLink III Technical Forum Group on Healthcare Applications of Intelligent Agents. Thus, it may now be a good time for the specialists in the field to meet and report on the results achieved in this area, to discuss the benefits (and drawbacks) that agent-based systems may bring to medical domains, and also to provide a list of the research topics that should be tackled in the near future to make the deployment of health-care agent-based systems a reality.

This one-day workshop will incorporate two novel aspects with respect to related workshops held in the last years:

Submitted papers and demos should address at least one of the following issues:

Submissions must be sent in PDF format to the workshop contact person. They must be formatted following the guidelines of the main AAMAS conference. Papers must not be longer than 8 pages.
The workshop organisers would appreciate that anyone intending to submit a paper to the workshop communicates this intention before January 10th to the workshop contact person.

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Preliminary workshop agenda and organising schedule

The workshop will feature some of the following activities:

Organising schedule:


Paper review process

All the submitted papers will be revised by at least three members of the Program Committee. The main aspects to be reviewed will be originality, technical accuracy and relevance to the workshop.


Organising committee


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