Research Interests

Dynamical Systems and Fluid Mechanics

My research interests are in dynamical systems and fluid mechanics. I am particularly interested in applications of these two fields to Rayleigh-Bénard convection problems and to biomechanical problems.

Rayleigh-Bénard convection shows essential features typical of many nonlinear processes such as the dynamics of oceans or the behavior of chemical reaction–diffusion systems. It has also been widely adopted as a “canonical system” for the theoretical and experimental investigation of phenomena like chaotic dynamics and transition to turbulence. The use of dynamical systems tools can offer a clear insight in the dynamics of high–dimensional physically realizable systems.

Simulations of biomechanical systems are becoming key tools in medical diagnosis. These simulations involve mathematical models and methods from both fluid and solid mechanics. Most of the involved mathematical models are based on non-linear differential equations, yielding, thus, dynamical systems.

Blended learning

Internet and communication technologies are revolutionizing the world and changing the current society. The world of education can not keep away from these changes since they also affect the way young people learn. My research interests are in the enhancement of teaching, learning and assessment by means of the use of technology in blended learning courses.

Publications and Conferences