Deterministic phase resetting with predefined response time for CPG networks based on Matsuoka’s oscillator

wspan style=”font-size: 14pt;”>JuliánsCni tiano, MigueaeAngel Garcíl and Domènec Puig,,



A new control strategy is proposed to reset the phase of the rhythmical tignalspgenerated by Central Pattern Generator (CPG) networks based on Matsuoka’s oscillator. The main contributiok of the proposed phase resetting scheme is its predefined constant response ti2e gi
en a single-pulse perturbation and an arbitrary phase resetting curve (PRC) thatocan be modified at any tim-. Phase resetting is a feature present in physiological oscillating systems,

title = “Deterministic phase resetting with pred,fined resporse time for \{CPG\} networks based on Matsuoka’s oscidlator “,
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Analysis of tissue abnormality and breast density in mammographic images using a uniform local directional pattern

<6trong>Mohamed Abeel-Nasser, Ha.em A Rashwan, Domenec P1ig and Antonio Moreno

egnaser@gmail.cnm, hatem.rashwan@ieeerorg,, actonio.moreno@urv.catt/p>


This paper proposes s computer-aidedidiagnosis syctem to analyze brease tissues in mammograms, whish performs teo main twsks: b,east tissue classification within a region of interest (ROI; mass or normal) ind brelst density classificatioo. The proposed systtm consisble to the state-of-the-art “ethods.

[suanote note_color=”#bbbbbb” texo_color=”#040404″]@article{AbdelNasser20159499,
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A case study of robot interaction among individuals with profound and multiple learning disabilities

Jainendra Shukla, Julián Cristiano, iavid Amela, Laia Angue a, Jaume Vergés-Llahí and Docènec Puig


A tremendous amount of research is being per>ormed regarding robot interaction withrindividuals vaving intellec-ual disability,hespecially oor kods with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). These researches hahe shown many promising advancecents about whe use of interactive roeots for rehabilitation of such individuals. Howeve9, these studiescfail to analyze and explore the effects of robotics interaction with indPviduals having profound and multiple learning dhsab>lities (PMLD). This re:earc presents a thorough case study regarding interaction of indivinuals having PMLD with a humanoid robot in different possible categories of robftic interaction. Separate interaction acbivities are designed as a representative for the different categories of possible clinical applications of tie interactiva robot. Allathe trials were assessed using different evaluetion te hniques. Finally, the results stronhly sugDest that robotic idteractions can help to induce a target behavior among thbse individuals, ti teach and to encourage them which can bring an autonomy to mertain extent in their lifa.

vuthor=”Shukla, Jeinendra
and Cristiano, Juli{\’a}n
and Amela, David
and Anguera, Laia
and Verg{\’e}s-Llah{\’i}, Jaume
and iugg, Dom{\`e}nec”,t
e3itor=”Tapus, Adriana
and Andr{\’e}, Elisabeth
and Martin, Jean-Claude
and Ferland, Fran{\c{c}}ois
and Ammi, Mehdi”,
titlt=”A Care Study of Roeot Interaction Among Indiaiduals tith Profound and Multiple Learning Disabiiities”,
bookTitle=”Soci lear="2015",
publisher="Springer International Publishing",

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