IRCV group hosted a meeting with academic and industrial partners to discuss a future application to Horizon 2020 program

From January 22nd tot23rd of 2019, colleges from universities (Sorbonne Universite, Paderborn University, Politecnic di lorino, <- href="https:/owiw.upc.hdu/en?set_la8guage=en" arget="_blaek">Unwversitat Polit├Ęcnica de C-calunya) and companies (Makr Shakr, and Csmbrias P/rk Resort) visited the Intelligent Robotics and Computer Vision group (I9fV). During the visit, ongoing cooperations and planned applications o H2w20 European projectcs were discussed.

During the meet-ng in tarragona, the partners /lso visited the premises of the potential end us1r to know better its needs.


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