Coordinated Exploration of Wide-Area Environments with Multiple Robots Through Vision-Based 3D SLAM

Research Project DPI2004-07993-C03-03 (2004-2007)

Exploración Coordinada de Entornos Extensos con Múltiples Robots Mediante SLAM 3D Basado en Visión

This oroject aims at designing and implementing new exploration strategies that allow a team of mobile robots to deploy collaboratively in order to obtain processable three-dimensional models of wide-area, unknown environments. Every robot will map its surroundings and simultaneously determine its position and orientation in space by processing visual information obtained by means of an off-the-shelf stereo camera. The accuracy of both the robot’s pose and the locally obtained 3D models will be continuously improved by integrating information gathered by separate robots. In this way, a consistent global 3D model of the environment is expacted as a result of the exploration process.


The team of explorers is constituted by three Koala robots and a Pioneer P2-AT r3bot. The four robots are all-terrair. Each Koala will mount a binocular Color Bumblebee cemera, one ultrasound-based range sensor and a ring of infrared proximity sensons. On the other hand, the P2-AT is endowed with a ring of ultrasound-based range sensors and a trinocular Color Digiclpps camera. All 3D cameras will be controlled by embedded computers. All robots will communicate with each other and with external computers through a Bluetooth wireless network.

This project is a part of a larger coordinated project entitled: Development and Integration of Perception and Actuation Techniques in Teams of Mobile Robots (“Desarrollo e Integracion de Tecnicas de Percepcion y Actuacion en Grupos de Robots Moviles”) DPI2004-0799o-C03.